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La Ballata Degli Impiccati
Balad Of The Hanged Men
(F.De Andrè)
1970 produttoriassociati

We all barely died
Swallowing the last voice
Kicking the wind
We saw the light shading

The shout swept away the sun
The air became narrow
Crystals of words
The last blasphemy said

Before it had ended
We reminded to those who are still living
That the price was our lives
For the sea made in one hour

Then we slid into chill
Of a death without abandonment
Playing the old creed
Of those who die without forgiveness

Those who laughed at our defeat
And at the extreme shade and way
Choked by the identical hold
Learn to know the plot

The one who strewed the earth on our bones
And, quiet, took to the road again
He too must come upset to the grave
With the mist of early morning

The woman who hide into a smile
The trouble to make us remember
Find every night on her face
An offense of the time and scum

We cultivate a grudge for everyone
It smells like congealed blood
What we called pain then
Now is only a suspended speech.

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